How do I prepare for my in-home newborn session?

I know you have a lot going on. Please don't feel the need to clean the house for me! I want you to be relaxed and able to enjoy your downtime with your little one.

What to Wear:

Consider patterns and texture and clothes you're REALLY comfortable in. Shy away from things that need constant adjustments or wrinkle easily. Don't forget about accessories like scarves and jewelry. I would avoid clothes with words or logos for you and baby. I find that neutral colors tend to photograph well. I'd avoid all black tops or very bright colored tops as these will cast a color tint on the skin. I suggest applying more makeup than you usually wear (a little lip color goes a long way!) as the camera can wash people out a little. I also suggest dry hair.

Location and Light

I will use natural light so think of places in your home that have access to lots of bright light by windows. For rooms you hope to use for photos, remove clutter on surfaces (including mom and dad's bedroom if there is good light there). Open all window blinds. Spending a little time in advance of the session making sure all unwanted items have been put away or tucked into a closet can make a big difference in the resulting images.

Outfits for Baby

Consider dressing your small human in a plain white or neutral onesie with short sleeves or something else pretty simple.  If outfits are too complicated, they get all bunched up and often make images look messy. Bright colors on baby or parents can cause the skin to look off so I'd suggest avoiding those as well.

I will also ask for a swaddle blanket to swaddle your newborn tight. 


If the schedule works, try to feed the baby before I arrive so she's full and calm during our photo shoot.  If the schedule doesn't work, that's fine too -- we have more than enough time to get lots of good images with a feedingthrown in.


How do I prepare for my outdoor Family Session?

What to wear: 

You don't want to be identical/wear matching outfits but have a general color scheme. Sometimes it's best if you decide on one family members outfit (for instance a dress you're dying to put on baby) and then match the others to that. Jewel tones tend to photograph well and please avoid all black/black tops! Don't forget about fun accessories such as a necklace or scarf. They add dimension. Most of all I want you guys to be comfortable!

I do suggest a little more makeup than you usually wear as the lighting/camera can make you look washed out.

What to Bring:

Please bring tissues/wipes for your little ones. There's only so much I can edit out for a runny nose! If you think you may need it, an extra outfit might be useful too.

If your child is attached to a certain toy that will guarantee a smile feel free to bring it. However there is always a risk it will be in your photos. Think of a few songs or any other tricks that usually get a laugh. 


Please plan on arriving a few minutes early to make sure you find the right location/parking. We're running against a clock with the sun!