Bethesda Baby Photography

Six Months Old {Washington DC Baby Photographer}

I met this little lady six months ago at her newborn session and was so happy when her parents contacted me to do some six month photos. She is bright eyes and lots of fun and I was able to capture her in all her glory. Thanks for an entertaining morning little lady.

Toddler in the Garden {Washington DC Family Photographer}

I’ve been photographing this little guy since he was in utero. He was a very calm newborn-alert but never cried. He has continued to be a sweet and easy photo subject though he can now run away which makes thing slightly more difficult. He (and his parents) were great sports on this summer morning.

Baby Sister is Here {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

I met this Georgetown family less than two years ago when I did the newborn session for their son. They have a new little girl and she is just as sweet as her brother was. Big brother also shined and warmed up quickly making for an easy and fun photo session. Can’t to watch these two grow.

One Year Old {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This little boy is already one. His first year has flown by and his mom wanted to make sure to capture him at this fun and sweet age. He is just on the verge of his first steps so it was fun to watch him explore the beautiful gardens on an early June morning.

Eight Months of Fun {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This mom found me on instagram and reached out to get photos of her new baby. Because we had already missed the tiny new newborn stage she asked what age I recommend. Whenever people post newborn ask me this I always say 7-8 months. This is when they are usually sitting up independently and can interact more but can not yet crawl and run away. A real sweet spot! I am so glad she waited-I think these are well worth it.

New Little Lady {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

I could not wait to meet this little baby as she is the daughter of some dear friends. Her parents are new DC residents and she has a beautiful new home to be welcomed into. I loved her little poses and can’t wait to watch her grow.

New Guy on Capitol Hill {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

This little guy and his parents were such wonderful photo subjects. Once we got him all full and comfortable he was a great little model. We were able to get some shots of him and his pup too! This guy gave us lots of little smiles as a bonus! Thanks for such a wonderful session.

A Beautiful Mother's Day Present {Washington DC Family Photography}

I was so happy when this sweet new dad contacted me. He wanted to get his wife, a first time mom, a special mother's day present. A family photography session is such a wonderful idea. We were able to capture their sweet 5 month old and of course both of them. They are lucky to have such a sweet little girl who put up with hot temperatures and a few outfit changes. Happy first Mother's Day!

This is Two {Washington DC Family Photography}

This session perfectly encapsulated this two year old. There was lots of movement and distraction and of course lots of giggles as we walked around Yards Park. This little guy loved to look around and explore, walk up and down steps and be tickled by mom and dad. I'm glad we got to capture him at this fun age!

A Brisk Morning in Old Town {Washington DC Family Photography}

I met this family a year and a half ago when mom was just pregnant with the one year old you see here. During that session, big brother was super shy-not wanting to smile until the very end. Well a year and a half made a big difference in both boys. It was great to see how much they had both grown and was a very different experience full of fun and laughter and singing.