Natural Light DC Photography

An Early Arrival {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

This little guy was so eager to meet his parents he arrived a month early. Even with an early arrival, his parents were so calm and comfortable. I loved how many smiles he gave me. I consider myself lucky to get one newborn smile and this guy was non-stop! What a fun newborn session.

A Brisk Morning in Old Town {Washington DC Family Photography}

I met this family a year and a half ago when mom was just pregnant with the one year old you see here. During that session, big brother was super shy-not wanting to smile until the very end. Well a year and a half made a big difference in both boys. It was great to see how much they had both grown and was a very different experience full of fun and laughter and singing. 

New Year New Life {Washington DC Newborn Photographer

I loved meeting this little lady and her sweet parents who live in Northern Virginia. They were my very first session of the new year and I was so glad to start the new year of with such a sweet little babe. She slept through most of our session and when she woke, she quietly looked around and even gave us a little grin. Her mom had some beautiful hair accessories which helped make this such a wonderful session. Happy New Year!

New Baby New Home {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I already knew baby Z's parents but it was exciting to see this new family of three in their new home in DC. They had barely unpacked before she arrived but were happily settling into their new routine at only one week. She slept during the entire session and even when we tried to wake her to get one photo of her eyes, it could barely be done. I hope she always sleeps so soundly for them!

Sleeping Baby {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

There were so many things I loved about this session. The first is obviously the star of the show, sweet baby A. He slept literally the entire time I was there and could not have been better behaved for his first photo session. Of course in close second came his friendly and sweet parents. They have created a beautiful nursery full of natural light and I can tell what wonderful parents they already will be. I am not usually into props and stuffed animals but I am so glad we did this last shot with the stuffed animals. All credit goes to his mom on this one! Thanks for these great shots baby A!

Two Weeks New {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting this sweet family. Little baby L was so well behaved, he barely made a peep the entire session. His parents have created a beautiful nursery for him in their apartment and his fur brother was also an enthusiastic participant. This whole group was so calm, I was able to capture their love and adoration for their new little guy.

Sleepy Little Girl {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting this new little baby girl in Maryland. She had a beautiful home with lots of wonderful windows (a photographer's dream!) and she was basically asleep the entire time I was there. People are always asking me whether the baby should be awake or asleep during their session and I remind them that this is something we usually can't control. However this is the only time in your life where you'll get sleepy photographs taken so we should take advantage of it. She was a wonderful little model and I hope she stays as calm and easy.

The New Baby Boy {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

This little guy was as sweet as he could be. At not even a week old, he was sleepy and content throughout our session. He had a gorgeous well-lit room right in the center of Washington DC. His sweet parents (and visiting grandparents) were obviously smitten with him. They had received this white basket as a gift and I loved using this as a basic white background that his gorgeous skin looked great again. I loved photographing this little guy and hope he's always so calm.

A New Family of Three {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting one of Washington DC's newest families last week. While their daughter showed up a few days early, they were already such naturals and wonderful parents. They knew the tricks to soothe her and were even able to get her to snooze away for most of our hour together. I loved meeting these three (and the furry member of their family) and hope baby H continues to snooze be such a doll.

Nine Days Old {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

As I shared with these parents, newborn sessions usually go one of two ways. Either the baby is awake the whole time buy fussy or they are asleep the whole time. Its not quite as common that they are awake but calm and complacent. But little baby K broke that rule. He was alert and awake the entire time but happy to just lay low and look cute. I gave him an A+ for behavior at only 9 days old. He makes being a DC newborn photographer easy! Thanks for being so good little guy.