A Warm Fall Day {Washington DC Family Photography}

This was one of my favorite families to photograph last fall. These boys are SO fun and full of antics and giggles. They both have awesome smiles and are up for anything. On this particular fall day it was extremely warm and not quite as crisp and fall like but I'm so glad we got to capture them again and see how they've grown.

Sweet Baby in the Garden {Washington DC Family Photography}

This mom contacted at a perfect time. By the time we scheduled our session, her sweet little girl was just about 7 months which is a great age to capture. Her mellow and friendly personality shined and I loved capturing her in the morning light in beautiful Bishop's Garden. She was happy to show off her newest skill of sitting up and loved looking around at all of the sights of the gardens. I loved capturing this little girl and look forward to watching her grow.

Double Fun {Washington DC Family Photography}

What is more fun than one giggly adorable and energetic 6 year old? Two giggly adorable energetic 6 year olds! These boys were so much fun to photography. They contagious laughter made us all laugh and I loved their big smiles. They loved to hug each other and put their arms around each other-this was all them. I hope they always stay as sweet and giggly as they are now and their bond is always as strong.

Three Little Girlis {Washington DC Family Photography}

I must admit that a family of 5 is not something I have photographed often. Perhaps its because many of my clients have young children or perhaps because I live in Washington DC. But this was quite the treat. Each of their daughters definitely has their own personality and ideas of what to do in front of the camera. However photographing this family was such a fun way to spend a fall morning and hopefully I will be able to watch them continue to grow into their own wonderful personalities.

Big Kids-H Family Silver Spring, MD {Washington DC Family Photography}

If you've looked around here a bit, you will recognize that my business is mostly kids under five. And if I'm being realistic, its a whole lot of kids in their first year, if we can even call them kids then. I'm used to clapping when they sit up unassisted, fake sneezing, playing peek-a-boo and doing a whole lot of embarrassing voices and games to get smiles. So photographing this family where the youngest was eleven years old seemed like quite a breeze. Everyone could sit up on their own, there were no tantrums though there did seem to be quite a few cell phones pop up during our session. It was fun to be able to make real jokes that don't involve animal noises and watch as this loving family engaged with each other before oldest son heads off to college in the fall. Thanks for a wonderful evening H family.

Three Generations {Washington DC Family Photographer}

I have known this family for a long time. A really long time. So long that my mom still had to drive me when I went to their house. One of my favorite things to do at their house growing up was to look at their old family photos where they were often dressed alike (all 4 siblings!). So it was quite the wonderful experience to see them all grown up, some with kids of their own. These four siblings have a special bond and I hoped to capture that this very sunny morning in Atlanta. The fact that they also have adorable offspring helps for sure. While I think we all could have used a nap after this session, I hope these photos are ones they will look back on with love.


The Only Thing Sweeter {Chevy Chase Newborn Photographer}

There are few things that could be cuter than a sweet 7 day old with a full head of hair. But a lively 2 year old toddler brother with a smile that could kill...well that can do it! Meeting these two brothers (and their lovely parents and Bubbie) was a wonderful way to start the new year. Big brother was awesome for the camera, as soon as I showed him how Elmo can "dance" on my head. And sweet baby Z was a great model, showing us his beautiful eyes and sweet baby toes. I loved capturing this special time for this family of 4.

A First Christmas {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This family invited me to photograph them when this sweet 4 month old had all of her grandparents (and biggest fans) in town to celebrate her first Christmas. It was so wonderful to see how little baby L can light up a room (and the faces of those in the room!) We also lucked out with the fact that Christmas Eve Day also brought 70 degree temperatures so we were able to get some great shots outdoors. Thanks N Family for this lovely morning.

Rock Creek Family Fall Mini-Session {Washington DC Family Photographer}

With almost two year olds you never know what they'll be like. They could be cooperative or want nothing to do with the camera. They could love being held by their parents in sweet poses or want to run free. Well this two year old was any photographer's dream. She never whined or complained despite freezing temperatures. She never ran off. And she did almost any pose her dad told her to. In fact, he stood behind me and she just copied him. And having two awesome parents didn't hurt. Thank you sweet E for being such a fantastic photo subject. Two years olds in DC-learn from her!


Two Sweet Sisters {Northern Virginia Family Photographer}

This summer and fall, most of my work seemed to be with babies. And while I love the challenge of trying to capture of sweet toothless grin or pudgy hands, it was so refreshing to photograph these sweet sisters who were older. Don't get me wrong they are still kids and were still more interested in kicking rocks and discussing their birthday party than getting their picture taken. But kids can walk and listen and follow directions...for the most part. So thank you sweet girls for being such wonderful refreshing photo subjects on this gorgeous fall evening.