This is Two {Washington DC Family Photography}

This session perfectly encapsulated this two year old. There was lots of movement and distraction and of course lots of giggles as we walked around Yards Park. This little guy loved to look around and explore, walk up and down steps and be tickled by mom and dad. I'm glad we got to capture him at this fun age!

Time with a Toddler {Washington DC Family Photography}

I've known this little guy since he was born. I photographed him almost a year ago when he was first sitting up so it was great to get a chance to photograph him now that he is a full blown toddler. His adorable curls and easy going personality made for a fun spring morning in Bishop's Garden. I can't wait to continue to watch him grow.

Little Ball of Energy {Washington DC Family Photography}

This was not my first session with this little boy. But he was definitely more boy now and less toddler than when I met him last year. He has lots to say and lots to explore which made him a perfect photography subject on this beautiful fall morning. I hope his new little sibling is just as fun as he is!

The Only Thing Sweeter {Chevy Chase Newborn Photographer}

There are few things that could be cuter than a sweet 7 day old with a full head of hair. But a lively 2 year old toddler brother with a smile that could kill...well that can do it! Meeting these two brothers (and their lovely parents and Bubbie) was a wonderful way to start the new year. Big brother was awesome for the camera, as soon as I showed him how Elmo can "dance" on my head. And sweet baby Z was a great model, showing us his beautiful eyes and sweet baby toes. I loved capturing this special time for this family of 4.

Rock Creek Family Fall Mini-Session {Washington DC Family Photographer}

With almost two year olds you never know what they'll be like. They could be cooperative or want nothing to do with the camera. They could love being held by their parents in sweet poses or want to run free. Well this two year old was any photographer's dream. She never whined or complained despite freezing temperatures. She never ran off. And she did almost any pose her dad told her to. In fact, he stood behind me and she just copied him. And having two awesome parents didn't hurt. Thank you sweet E for being such a fantastic photo subject. Two years olds in DC-learn from her!


Fun with the K Family {Washington DC Family Photography}

These 2 have a special place in my heart. Not only are they the children of some of my oldest friends but Mr. J was the first kid I ever photographed. EVER! His big smile and beautiful lashes are just some of what makes him such a great photo subject. And he even let his new little sister have her (short) change in the spotlight.