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This is Two {Washington DC Family Photography}

This is one of those families that I have had the pleasure of watching them grow. I met Mom and Dad when we did their maternity session and then got to photograph this little lady at her newborn session and now again that she is a full blown toddler. We lucked out with this fall weather and even when it started to rain it didn't stop the M family from having fun. Eventhough it took her a few minutes to warm up I was able to capture her sweet personality. I look forward to continuing to watch her grow!

Two Happy Brothers {Washington DC Family Photography}

These two boys were some of my favorite photo subjects all year. They were incredibly well behaved and were very prepared for our photo session by their dad who even "practiced" with them before hand. The promised reward of Starburst also helps! They were smiley and funny and very not shy at all. And these curls? Thank you R family for a fun session!

Fall Family of Four {Washington DC Family Photography}

I was traveling home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year and decided to lug my camera bag along. I would only do this for a few people, one of which is probably my oldest friend. She has two sweet kids and I was happy to photograph her and her beautiful family. Luckily my husband came along on this particular session which helped getting all the smiles and laughs. I was so glad I got to do this session in Atlanta.

A Fall Foliage Family Session {Washington DC Family Photography}

Wow did this family luck out! We decided to meet at a park near their home in Capitol Hill and when we got there, I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous pile of leaves and tree. It almost seemed set up, it was so picturesque! They had their adorable little man who they wanted to capture and I'm so glad this was the weekend we chose. He was a champ-very well behaved and I'm glad I got to capture his curious personality! 

One Year of Ms. A {Washington DC Family Photographer}

I loved this early morning fall session. Little Ms. A was full of personality and wonder. She is one of the best dressed toddlers I have seen (good job Mom!) and her sweaters perfectly complimented her bright red hair. I loved watching her toddle around the park and it was evidence how much her parents adore her.  Thanks for letting me capture this special time K family!

Little Ball of Energy {Washington DC Family Photography}

This was not my first session with this little boy. But he was definitely more boy now and less toddler than when I met him last year. He has lots to say and lots to explore which made him a perfect photography subject on this beautiful fall morning. I hope his new little sibling is just as fun as he is!

A Soon to Be Family of Four! {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This was a beautiful fall morning in Northern Virginia. And this was a perfect example of how many toddler sessions go. We start off at the beginning and I get a lot of black stares. This little guy was shy and reserved and none of jokes and tricks were working. But after some time (and some tickles) he suddenly opened up and was as playful as ever. And of course, by the time it was time to go home he was ready to play and run! I'm so glad I got to capture so many sides of this little boy!

Three Little Girlis {Washington DC Family Photography}

I must admit that a family of 5 is not something I have photographed often. Perhaps its because many of my clients have young children or perhaps because I live in Washington DC. But this was quite the treat. Each of their daughters definitely has their own personality and ideas of what to do in front of the camera. However photographing this family was such a fun way to spend a fall morning and hopefully I will be able to watch them continue to grow into their own wonderful personalities.

One Year Full of Laughs {Washington DC Family Photography}

I loved this kid from the moment we met in Bethesda. He smiled at me instantly and took exactly no time to warm up. Despite just turning one the week before, he was on the move and he was quick. But once I could keep up with him, I got a lot of smiles. In fact it was impossible for me to choose my favorites because in every picture this guy had a big smile on his face. His parents were easy and helpful and this created these awesome shots. I loved meeting this one year old-Happy First Birthday!

An Early Morning in Bethesda {Washington DC Family Photography}

This family is the kind of family a photographer hopes for. They are prepared, they are enthusiastic and they have adorable kids with lots of personality to boot! Despite a very early wake-up, this little girl still showed her sweet personality. And her big brother was all over the place, very proud to put on his "baseball stuff" for a few photos at the end. Thanks for a great morning and Go Mets!