Washington DC Portrait Photography

One Year Old {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This little boy is already one. His first year has flown by and his mom wanted to make sure to capture him at this fun and sweet age. He is just on the verge of his first steps so it was fun to watch him explore the beautiful gardens on an early June morning.

Eight Months of Fun {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This mom found me on instagram and reached out to get photos of her new baby. Because we had already missed the tiny new newborn stage she asked what age I recommend. Whenever people post newborn ask me this I always say 7-8 months. This is when they are usually sitting up independently and can interact more but can not yet crawl and run away. A real sweet spot! I am so glad she waited-I think these are well worth it.

New Guy on Capitol Hill {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

This little guy and his parents were such wonderful photo subjects. Once we got him all full and comfortable he was a great little model. We were able to get some shots of him and his pup too! This guy gave us lots of little smiles as a bonus! Thanks for such a wonderful session.

Little Boy Big World {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

This little baby boy was welcomed to his home in Petworth but his well-traveled parents. The travel themed nursery was absolutely beautiful and I loved this amazing book room attached. This little baby wasn’t the only star of the show-their particularly friendly cat also loved to be included and I’m glad we were able to get some photos with him too!

Baby Number Three {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

I loved working this Capitol Hill Family. Not only did they have a beautiful light filled home but they had three little ones under the age of three. These three were all full of life-fun, curious, and wiggly. The star of the show-all 9 pounds of him- slept through much of this session and showed off his great cheeks. Thanks for a fun morning.

Winter Family Photos {Washington DC Family Photographer}

Winter is not usually a popular time for family photos. Winter weather in Washington DC is nothing if not unpredictable. Its often cold and dreary and not ideal for family photos. But by some miracle we got a relatively mild day with one of my favorite families to photograph. They have two boys with big smiles and great curious personalities. Lovely parents too!

Beautiful Morning at Home {Washington DC Family Photography}

This was one of my favorite fall sessions this year. Not only is this family wonderfully photogenic but they also had a beautiful backyard that served as our background. Both girls were so fun to play with and I hope I was able to capture their sweet spirits!

A Capitol Family Photo Session {Washington DC Family Photography}

I loved this session for so many reasons. We lucked out with the weather being relatively mild this morning. These two kids could not get any cuter. Big brother stole the show with his antics and little sister was wonderfully behaved just observing.  Their parents were wonderful as well and happy to chase after this little guy. This made for a wonderful session with this fun family!


The Whole Family {Washington DC Family Photography}

I was so happy when an old friend contacted me asking me to take photos of her whole extended family. It is rare that all 4 kids are home in Silver Spring, Maryland and we were able to capture this sweet family in their parents back yard during the few days they were all together. Even Grandpa joined! Despite the looming rain during the entire session and a bunch of different schedules, I am so glad we could capture all of these beautiful people.

A New Baby Brother {Washington DC Family Photography}

This beautiful family on Capitol Hill is one of my favorites. I met them 2 years ago when I did their newborn session with their little girl and I loved photographing them ever since. While its always a little challenging to get a toddler and 3 month old to both be photo ready at the same time, these super parents made it look easy. I loved photographing them and look forward to seeing both little ones grow.