Beautiful Morning in DC {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This family might look familiar. I've been photographing these dear friends since this not-so-little guy was born. He's always had this huge smile with a great personality which makes it so fun to photograph him. It has been almost 2 years since I've had him in front of my camera and I was happy to see nothing had changed! We had perfect lighting that day with the early morning sun shining through in beautiful Bishop's Garden. All of this made for a beautiful morning.


Sleeping Baby {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

There were so many things I loved about this session. The first is obviously the star of the show, sweet baby A. He slept literally the entire time I was there and could not have been better behaved for his first photo session. Of course in close second came his friendly and sweet parents. They have created a beautiful nursery full of natural light and I can tell what wonderful parents they already will be. I am not usually into props and stuffed animals but I am so glad we did this last shot with the stuffed animals. All credit goes to his mom on this one! Thanks for these great shots baby A!

Hello World {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

This is sweet baby H. I was very excited to meet him since I knew his parents before they even knew each other. He already has these big blue eyes which he was kind enough to show off only for the first few minutes and then went quietly to sleep for almost the rest of our time together. He already seemed so comfortable in his new home and I can't wait to watch him grow.

Two Weeks New {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting this sweet family. Little baby L was so well behaved, he barely made a peep the entire session. His parents have created a beautiful nursery for him in their apartment and his fur brother was also an enthusiastic participant. This whole group was so calm, I was able to capture their love and adoration for their new little guy.

Bright Eyed Baby Boy {Washington DC Baby Photography}

Three month olds are sometimes hard to capture. They're squirmy or unpredictable and not quite newborn but not quite baby. But not this sweet baby B. He was alert and adorable and such a wonderful age to photograph. His big eyes and adorable big cheeks coupled with his loving parents made for a wonderful morning in Bishop's Garden.

This Boy is One {Washington DC Baby Photography}

I was so excited to see this family again. I met this little guy when he was only a week old, last year and he had the same beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair then. He is now more mobile and more awake but the same sweet babe. His mom made their clothes for this session which made these photos even more special. I loved seeing this family again and hope to continue to photograph baby L.


New Baby Boy {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

This family had a lot of changes going on. Not only did they just welcome their adorable little boy but they were preparing to leave Washington DC and move to California the next month. They wanted to capture this special time in the home they had come to love. I'm so glad we could capture this little guy in his first week. 

An Evening in Alexandria {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

This mom and dad to be lucked out with beautiful weather and a beautiful setting. They specifically requested we do our session in Old Town since that is where they got engaged (and did wedding photos). I'm glad we got to capture yet another milestone on these same cobblestone streets.