Family of Four {Washington DC Family Photographer}

I was so glad this mom got in touch with me in August. She wanted to get some family photos of her sweet family of four. These kids were rockstars and were happy to giggle at my silly antics and follow directions. Though I knew I had worn them out when this four year old literally laid on the ground at the end declaring “I’m tired”. That is how every photo session should end!

A New Baby Boy {Washington DC Newborn Photographer}

I loved meeting one of DC's newest little baby boys. He was alert for his whole photo session and often looked right at the camera, a perfect little model. Not only did these wonderful parents have an adorable baby boy but they had the sweetest pup who did not want to be left out. I loved seeing their new nursery and how much they loved each other and their new son. What a beautiful new family I was so happy to capture.


Five Months in Rock Creek Park {Washington DC Family Photographer}

This sweet mom contacted me saying she was finally ready to do some family photos with their sweet 5 month old baby girl. And based on how happy and cooperative baby S was, I'd say this was a perfect time. She smiled and giggled all morning despite the early morning wakeup. And have you ever seen such beautiful blue eyes! And we all lucked out that we didn't melt from the mid-summer humidity. I loved photographing this sweet family.

Backyard Family Fun {Washington DC Family Photographer}

Usually when a DC family contacts me about family photos, I recommend we do them at a local park. And while that is usually beautiful, this special session in this family's very own backyard was fantastic. It was so fun to incorporate their Petworth home into their family photos. These girls have the best smile and this was such a fun and hopefully pain free morning. 

Morning in the Garden {Washington DC Family Photographer}

As you'll see around here, I spend a lot of early mornings in Bishop's Garden. Its so beautiful all year round and relatively quiet which makes it a beautiful place to take family photos. This morning was no exception. These friends are some of my favorite photo subjects and this little girl was full of energy that morning. I was happy to capture her in her two year old glory...and the bribe of chocolate at the end didn't hurt either.

A Beautiful Mother's Day Present {Washington DC Family Photography}

I was so happy when this sweet new dad contacted me. He wanted to get his wife, a first time mom, a special mother's day present. A family photography session is such a wonderful idea. We were able to capture their sweet 5 month old and of course both of them. They are lucky to have such a sweet little girl who put up with hot temperatures and a few outfit changes. Happy first Mother's Day!

New Little Brother {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting this new family of four. As a DC Newborn Photographer, I see a lot of nurseries but this one on a beautiful street in Cleveland Park was truly stunning. Big sister warmed up quite quickly and loved starring in the photo session with her baby brother. She had all sorts of talents to show off and baby brother was happy to sleep in his parents arms amid the chaos. I loved meeting this sweet family, including big furry pup and hope their life is always filled with as much excitement and zeal. 

Hello Little Lady {Washington DC Newborn Session}

This was definitely a favorite newborn session, taking place in their beautiful home in Brookland. This little girl was wide awake almost the whole time looking around, staring at the camera, taking everything in. Her parents were fun and easy going, even when they got spit up on. They had a beautiful nursery in a beautiful home and they are already settling in as one of DC's newest families of three!