Bright Eyed Baby Boy {Washington DC Baby Photography}

Three month olds are sometimes hard to capture. They're squirmy or unpredictable and not quite newborn but not quite baby. But not this sweet baby B. He was alert and adorable and such a wonderful age to photograph. His big eyes and adorable big cheeks coupled with his loving parents made for a wonderful morning in Bishop's Garden.

This Boy is One {Washington DC Baby Photography}

I was so excited to see this family again. I met this little guy when he was only a week old, last year and he had the same beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair then. He is now more mobile and more awake but the same sweet babe. His mom made their clothes for this session which made these photos even more special. I loved seeing this family again and hope to continue to photograph baby L.


New Baby Boy {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

This family had a lot of changes going on. Not only did they just welcome their adorable little boy but they were preparing to leave Washington DC and move to California the next month. They wanted to capture this special time in the home they had come to love. I'm so glad we could capture this little guy in his first week. 

An Evening in Alexandria {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

This mom and dad to be lucked out with beautiful weather and a beautiful setting. They specifically requested we do our session in Old Town since that is where they got engaged (and did wedding photos). I'm glad we got to capture yet another milestone on these same cobblestone streets.

One Happy Baby {Washington DC Family Photography}

I happen to be friends with their parents so I would have enjoyed photographing them no matter what. But this baby smiled and cooed for most of the session which made it even better. We lucked out on a beautiful spring morning with sunny skies. I hope this little babies continues to be as full of smiles as she is now.

She Turns One! {Washington DC Family Photography}

I met this Capitol Hill family last year when the mom contacted me for a newborn session when their tiny little girl arrived. I was so excited to photograph them a year later to celebrate this little girl turning one. She's no longer a sleepy newborn and was full of opinions and personality. We did all sorts of things to get her to smile and ended our session at the playground where she was happiest. I can't wait to watch her grow even more!


Time with a Toddler {Washington DC Family Photography}

I've known this little guy since he was born. I photographed him almost a year ago when he was first sitting up so it was great to get a chance to photograph him now that he is a full blown toddler. His adorable curls and easy going personality made for a fun spring morning in Bishop's Garden. I can't wait to continue to watch him grow.

Sleepy Little Girl {Washington DC Newborn Photography}

I loved meeting this new little baby girl in Maryland. She had a beautiful home with lots of wonderful windows (a photographer's dream!) and she was basically asleep the entire time I was there. People are always asking me whether the baby should be awake or asleep during their session and I remind them that this is something we usually can't control. However this is the only time in your life where you'll get sleepy photographs taken so we should take advantage of it. She was a wonderful little model and I hope she stays as calm and easy.