Mom and Dad to Be! {Washington DC Maternity Photographer}

We really lucked out with this session. It was an unseasonably warm day in October and the rains that had been non-stop briefly took a break so we get get these beautiful pictures of these two parents to be! We had almost the whole park to ourselves and were able to take advantage of all the beautiful sights. Can’t wait to meet their little lady.

Two Moms To Be! {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

These ladies were referred to me from a previous client. They were both so excited for the new little bundle of joy. This particular day was quite cold but I appreciated their willingness to ditch their coats for a few minutes at a time to get some wonderful shots of the beautiful moms to be!

An Evening in Alexandria {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

This mom and dad to be lucked out with beautiful weather and a beautiful setting. They specifically requested we do our session in Old Town since that is where they got engaged (and did wedding photos). I'm glad we got to capture yet another milestone on these same cobblestone streets.

Maternity Session in the Park {Washington DC Maternity Photographer}

Washington DC has some weird weather and while I know the lack of real winter (at least during the winter months) bothered some people, it worked out wonderfully for my outdoor photo sessions. These sweet parents-to-be lucked out and we got a spring-like day in beautiful Bishop's Garden. They were warm and easy to talk to which means our photo session feels like a fun hang out and definitely does not feel like work. I can't wait to meet their little one soon-hope baby is as wonderful at photos as her parents!

Two Parents to Be! {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

These two are expecting their first baby in January. We met on a chilly afternoon in December but these two were troopers hiking around Meridian Hill Park. They don't know the sex or name of this baby yet but I know this baby will be well loved. They are both so calm and sweet, I'm sure they'll make wonderful parents. Congratulations S family!

Little Ball of Energy {Washington DC Family Photography}

This was not my first session with this little boy. But he was definitely more boy now and less toddler than when I met him last year. He has lots to say and lots to explore which made him a perfect photography subject on this beautiful fall morning. I hope his new little sibling is just as fun as he is!

Two Parents To Be... {Washington DC Maternity Photography}

Well I guess its time I update this blog since this sweet couple will be meeting their little boy soon! These two were so easy to photograph. Despite the sweltering heat and humidity in Meridian Hill Park that night, this maternity session was a breeze. They are comfortable, easy, and did not once complain about the weather which was quite a feat for that week. I can already tell they will be wonderful parents and can't wait to meet their sweet little boy this fall.

A Time for Growth-Bishop's Garden Maternity Session {Washington DC Maternity Photographer}

Despite how beautiful it was on this evening, DC spring weather was not very "spring-like" for a few days there in March. Freezing temperatures and rain made outdoor sessions impossible. So after rescheduling a few times, we finally got out session time and I'm glad we did it then. Four days later, a maternity session would no longer be in order-their baby boy arrived! Luckily we got to capture T's last few days (!) of pregnancy in a beautiful spring like setting...just in time!

Lincoln Park Maternity {Washington DC Maternity Photographer}

This gorgeous couple just contacted me to let me know their little one has I guess its time we get their maternity session up on the blog! When I made plans to meet up with them at Capitol Hill's Lincoln Park for their maternity session, I asked L how I'd recognize them. She said "I'm really pregnant and my husband is really tall". After that, I knew I'd like them. They endured cold temperatures and even survived a "middle of the street" shot (phew!). Can't wait to meet baby M!

The Fall Foliage Maternity Session {Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer}

From the moment I met them, I knew I'd love working with these two. Not only are they easy going and fun but they did their research. They told me all of the things they learned online for how to take the best maternity pictures. And they brought their sweet sister along to help out with their sweet pup. He was a great addition to these maternity pictures and I wonder how he'll feel in a few months when the newest addition arrives. To be continues in January, 2016...